Over the past year, it has become trendy to declare the death of Instagram. (1)(2)(3)(4)

A lot of this negativity has been due to the rapid rise of TikTok and the huge reach that platform affords new users.

It is true that the rise and reach of TikTok is impressive, but Instagram isn’t going anywhere.

The people running Instagram are too responsive to let the app fall into irrelevancy. They are constantly tinkering with the app. Instagram will go so far as to outright stealing popular functions from other apps (Reels to match TikTok or stealing 24hour disappearing stories from Snapchat). They continue creating new interfaces that meet audience demands.

It’s up to us as marketers to be equally responsive and use the new features and interfaces Instagram is promoting, to continue to get value from the platform.

Don’t let the pronouncements of doom allow you to let your Instagram efforts lag. Stay consistent, adjust when necessary and employ new features as they become available.

One day, eventually, Instagram will fall into irrelevancy. But that day is a long way off.

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