TikTok has permanently altered the social media landscape.

Mobile-first video is here to stay. Scrolling through and watching short, entertaining or informative videos, shot in portrait mode on a smartphone, is now the most popular form of content on social media.

Politicians, celebrities, CEOs, entrepreneurs and marketers are all creating mobile-first video, which was pioneered by TikTok.

Today you’ll find TikTok clones on Instagram (Reels) and YouTube (Shorts). It’s also not uncommon to see a TikTok video uploaded directly into your LinkedIn or Twitter feed.

The MacLaine Marketing TikTok account has been active since February 2021. Initially started as a place to simply save and share LinkedIn story updates, it became immediately apparent that the reach on TikTok far outpaced what is typical on LinkedIn. Regular updates are now posted to the feed.

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