Today I want to share some tips on managing bilingual social media accounts specifically those that operate in English and French. I’m bilingual (EN/FR), however my written French is not what it once was. I use these strategies to avoid making spelling and grammatical errors en français.

Use the translation website Deepl, not Google Translate. Google Translate is probably the most famous one but it’s not the best one. Deepl is far better, especially when you’re going between English and French. Deepl is a German company that works to break down language barriers. Their translation service is second to none and it really is a lot better than what Google has to offer.

Use very simple sentences as much as possible. Avoid turns of phrase and resist the urge to employ expressions. These are the kinds of things that can trip up a translator, no matter how smart it’s A.I is.

Make sure that you have a French language keyboard activated on your smartphone. Keyboards on smartphones come with A.I that predicts what you’re about to type. This is really helpful for avoiding spelling mistakes and basic grammatical errors. The keyboard’s A.I, will do the work for you. All you have to do is think of the first couple of letters and you’ll be prompted with suggestions that help you type it out correctly.

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